Reasons of Baby Crying and Soothing Ways

We associate new born babies with crying all the time. We try to hold them in our arms they start crying. We try to feed them food they again start crying. We tease them by making faces and there are high chances that they start crying.

We try to change their clothes and the baby shall be definitely crying! This can be a treacherous experience with others who are trying to play with the baby but for the mothers these are the signs that the baby is giving them.

May be it is an approval, may be a rejection or may be the baby is just trying to have fun! Let’s not get our nerves cracking with it and straightaway find out the reasons of the baby’s crying behavior.

Why do babies cry?

Babies are so much into crying that them not crying becomes a reason of worry for us. Babies cry is a fact of life and we all have very well accepted it. Actually baby crying is a sign that the baby is trying to give as their way of communication.

We all can speak, run, touch and babble as much as we can but babies have limited scope to them and haven’t turned old enough to walk around or speak. As a result, they take crying as an effective way of reaching out to you and expressing themselves. And as parents all you want to do is make them smile again as soon and as better as you can!

Decoding the tears

Decoding the tears of a baby is tricky too. There are times when the baby gives a loud cry yet have no tears in their eyes and other times babies give very silent cries and yet get wet with tears.

Let’s just associate tears with emotions. Like we adults get teary eyed when something touches us deep or hurts our emotions, babies have teary cries when something hurt them or they are having a tough time or sad or are really hungry. Baby tears have something to do with their emotions too and so should not be ignored at all.

What are the possible reasons of baby crying?

There are innumerable reasons for a baby crying which consists of all possible teary and non-teary cries. Ah yes as much as would want to understand them, they are pretty easy. Let’s just try to know the baby’s reactions in possible circumstances and what they are trying to say through cries.

  1. Hunger: This is the most common and popular reason for the baby crying. If it’s been more than three hours since the baby was fed last, or the baby has just got off from sleeping there are high chances the baby is crying because he is hungry. If the baby is licking on anything that comes in his hands, or licks your finger when put in their mouth, the baby is definitely crying because he is hungry.
  2. Dirty diaper: Dirty or un-cleaned diaper when born for long period of time tends to irritate the baby and they start crying out of the irritation.
  3. Discomfort: If the baby is not comfortable in certain cloth or even a position you lay them in there are chances they will start crying. You will find them adjusting themselves and trying to throw away the object discomforting them. It can be due to too many layers of blankets over them or due to extreme cold they must be feeling.
  4. Illness: It is rather amazing that the baby cries very slowly and sweetly when the baby is sick. This is because of the weakness caused in them and they are unable to speak their pain.
  5. Irritation and over stimulation: probably everyone is trying to get the baby’s attention through mimicking, playing music and dancing around and what they end up with is irritating the baby too much. Baby can cry out of irritation and over stimulation.
  6. Loneliness: Leaving your baby unattended for a long time causes the baby to feel lonely and cry their heart out. This often happens when you get your baby to sleep and lay them on their bed and carry your work in the house. When they get up they try to find you but to no avail and after quite a time loneliness seeks in causing the baby to cry.
  7. Pain: The cry of pain is very loud, shrill and teary! If a baby gets hurt and is in deep pain they cry continuously with lots of tears and little break in middle to take a deep breath. This needs an immediate check into the baby’s body to find out the possible injuries that the baby might have caught.
  8. Colic: This is a common behavior seen with babies of less than 4 months of age. Babies with colic cry a lot more than others. You might as well count that the baby cries for almost four to five hours a day and mostly in the night. Colic causes are yet not found properly but popular belief states that colic cries are baby’s way of dealing with all the fuss it went through in the entire day.
  9. Boredom: A baby does not like to sit still for long period of time, he enjoys attention and sight-seeing. So if you have left your baby unattended with some toy in his hand then he will soon get bored of it and start crying for you to take him in your arms and give him the attention and new sight roaming around the house or park or just the balcony.

There can be more possible reasons for a baby crying but the most common ones have been mentioned and there are high chances you will make a way out into most of them to make your baby comfortable.

How to soothe a crying baby?

A baby crying is not just painful to handle but makes the parents panic. Especially if parents are not able to calm the baby down within a few minutes into the baby crying! We tend to run all around the house in search of the baby’s favorite toys to calm the baby down and find a solution to it.

The first possible thing that comes to your savior is the obviously visible cause of baby crying i.e. a dirty diaper or a layering of blanket. However, there are other possible reasons and soothing methods to calm a crying baby that may be useful to some babies than others, the trick is to apply each one and find which works for your baby.

Sight: Check what the baby is seeing. May be the lights are too harsh, they are in harsh sunlight, or the TV screen is scary or anything that is catching baby’s attention and can be intolerable for the baby. Just shut the TV or dim the light or if you are not able to trace the cause just pick your baby and move to another room they might stop crying with this.

Sound: Sometimes a hard sound is made so harshly that the baby is immediately shocked and scared and starts crying. Or more so the TV sound or the vacuum or fan sound irritates the baby as much as they start crying. Best is to put off the sounds and create silence.

Touch: When a baby is crying the best thing to do is caress them with your hands, rub their body parts or carry them in your arms and give them a warm hug. Babies love the touch of their mothers and do respond well to their touch, and so they might stop crying. Also, this will help you trace any injury or possible temperature variation that causes the baby crying.

Swinging: Swinging helps to calm down the baby as they love the rush of air to their skin and the jingling motion. It often works while the baby has colic cries!

Lay the baby on you: Lying down on the bed and making the baby lie on you with the baby’s face towards you is a very comforting position for the baby to feel loved and secure. They instantly stop crying and calm themselves down.


Baby cries are the signs of baby’s expression which baby gives you to help them get comfortable and understood. Never ignore the baby cries and always try to understand the reasons behind them crying. If any of the ways above was not helpful, there can be other ways of making the baby stop crying.

  • Take baby for a walk around the park or just around the house. This way the baby soon forgets the reason he was crying for and stops crying.
  • Provide the baby a little food you usually give him, generally the mother’s breasts, which makes the baby immediately suck on it and stop crying.
  • There are a lot of sound therapy machines that works beautifully in calming the senses of the baby making them stop crying.

Next time your baby cries, make a little extra effort in understanding their need and giving them the comfort they desire.

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