Welcome Your Baby Into a Beautiful World with Our Baby Room Decor Ideas

Having a baby is going to be one of the most ethereal experiences of your lifetime. When you came to know that you were nurturing a new life within you and when your doctor finally revealed the gender of your child, you couldn’t wait the nine months to see his or her face for the first time.

But at the same parents who don’t know how to design a beautiful nursery in which your child will be proud to be growing up in, can be conflicted and stressed about the course they are going to take.

That’s where we step in with some chic and out of the box baby room decor ideas so that you can come up with a nursery which would make all the celebrity nurseries hang their heads in shame!

Girls are so much more than Princesses- Baby Girl Room Decor ideas

If you think you were just going to colour the walls pink and add some frilly and lacy pillows and decorating your baby girl’s nursery would be over, you couldn’t be more wrong. These days interior designers have come up with a way of incorporating different designs and themes into the girl’s nursery so that even when she grows up to be a self assured and confident teenager, she wouldn’t want to part with the nursery of her childhood.

Here are some ideas which will get your creativity on a roll:

  • You can go with the Garden theme wherein you incorporate a nature motif into the walls of the nursery with the painting of tall cartoon trees and delicate flowers. Add a floral rug on the floor and tie ribbons into the crib and your little girl’s nursery is done.
  • If you are going with a Fairy tale theme, rather than painting the pictures of princesses on the walls, try drawing pictures of the Disney palaces and add some fluorescent glow in the dark stars and planets stickers on the roof. Buy a fairytale carriage to function as your girl’s crib or if you are going with a normal bed, make sure it is in the round shape with curtains hanging on either side. Don’t forget to include a small dressing table and an armoire.
  • Are you sure your girl is definitely going to grow up as a tomboy? In that case, you can make use of the Tomboy theme by colouring the walls in a shade of sky blue and adding race car bed. You might even frame up some funny quotes so that she grows up hilarious. Her friends would crown you to be the ‘coolest parents ever’ and she won’t be able to thank you enough!
  • The Vintage theme is for the parents out there who love all things classic. Frame up pictures of colourful birds and keep the colour palate subtle and understated with vanilla and baby pink shades dominating the nursery.
  • Looking forward to pass on your love for the beach and the sea to your baby girl? Make sure you design the nursery in a way that it sends underwater vibes to everyone who enters the room with the Beach theme. Paint sea anemones and underwater plants into the walls and throw in a mermaid or two. Sea shell shaped beds, seahorse and fish pillows are definitely the way to go!

Make your Baby boy grow into a man you’ll be proud of- Baby Boy Room Decor Ideas

As in the clothing options, the options for the nursery designs and themes for baby boys are also quite limited and often remain restricted within the space, cowboy and the superhero themes.

Hence, the ideas for designing your boy’s room will be a bit different for the parents out there who are expecting a girl. How, you ask? Read on!

  • Begin by selecting a theme. Even if you don’t want your nursery to fall into the stereotypical grouping of themes, it is a good idea to start out with a vision of what you want the nursery to look like. Do you want to incorporate lots of animals or do you want to spark your boy’s imagination with a plethora of extra terrestrial objects painted on the walls. Once you start here, everything will fall into place.
  • Play with colours. Designing a nursery can be fun for the parents too. Parents generally want to stick with the colour theme of blue but you can always mix and match with contrasting colour shades like green, yellow and even red!
  • Don’t forget to pay attention to the basics. The parents of baby boys often forget to take care of the little details while you are decorating your baby boy’s nursery. While the girls have their cribs and large wardrobes, the boys deserve everything from a personalised study table, laundry hampers and a wicker box to keep all their toys in.
  • Personalised is the best. Incorporate some personalised touches into your baby’s room after he is born which would make him feel like he is special. Embroider his quilts with his initials, pass on some of your childhood toys to his room and finally frame some of his pictures and his baby footprints on the walls.

Twins have twice the fun- Twin Babies Room Decor Ideas

Twins can be a blessing in disguise for all the parents who don’t want to go through the hassle of going through the process of decorating the nursery once again. With our room decor ideas, your twins will be happy and you will be content. Just give them a try!

  • Get hold of a wardrobe. You will need a lot of space to cram in all the belongings of your two little wonders. Use the colourful, lettered boxes to spell out their names and place them on top of the cupboard.
  • That you need to buy two cribs goes without saying. But how can you personalise each of the bassinets? If your twins belong to different genders, you can colour them separately in pink and blue or otherwise you can also stencil some colourful trees on one and beautiful flowers on the other.
  • Indulge in wall art with lots of murals or quotes from their favourite children’s books.
  • A bunk bed is a must. For when they want to grow up and share their room still. Not only are bunk beds functional and make the most of the available space, but you can transform the space beneath the beds into some shelf space too!

As you can see, decorating your baby’s nursery can be a lot of fun irrespective of his gender or whether or not they are twins. Our ideas have undoubtedly given you a head start, just make sure you follow your heart the rest of the way!

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