Know About the Baby’s Brain Development During Pregnancy!

Are you pregnant and are always worried about your child? Are you wondering of you have been taking your pregnancy care right? The multiple tests and reports keeping you tensed with baby’s development?

Pregnancy is tough for all and when we say that women go through a total crazy hormones level, we aren’t wrong anywhere! Women do get tensed and worried about the little life they have been carrying in their womb and always want them to be safe and secure.

IF you have been wondering that your kid would be the smartest in the world, then you are no different from several mothers out there, but what would make you astonished is that a baby’s brain development starts as early as in the mother’s fetus.

So quite naturally, the mother is very responsible on the intelligence level and brain development of a child she is giving birth to. And before you jump to any mythical understanding on the baby’s brain development and what you should be doing as a healthy choice, we help you go through a synopsis of everything that relates to baby brain development. Read on!

How does a baby’s brain develop during pregnancy?

It is perceived and understood that pregnancy is a very important brief time that a child and mother get together. Most of the baby’s development, the health, personality and habits are fed to the baby as early as when the baby is in the mother’s womb.

The thoughts and habits of the mother cast a deep effect on the baby and majorly the child is seen with the same traits later in life. Fetal brain development has a long lasting effect on a child’s personality.

And so, women must take care of themselves and adopt habits and please themselves with happy thoughts so that they have a similar effect on the child too. A baby’s brain forms as much as 700 new neural connections every second while it’s still in the mother’s womb.

What are the healthy choices I can make for the baby’s brain development?

For a pregnant woman, it is very essential to maintain a healthy diet. By healthy diet, we mean a lot of fruits, juices, green vegetables, non-fried food etc. There are always food items, which are avoided by pregnant women, and the ingredients of everything you eat shall be checked before munching on anything. There are a few things that you can do to ensure a healthy baby’s brain development, they are:

  • Prepare a good environment: A lot of what you do goes into the baby, so make a healthy and good environment around you for a healthy baby. Do not involve yourself in ugly habits or intake of unrequited medicines, drugs or alcohol as what goes into your body, goes into the baby’s body too.
  • Eat healthy: Resort you to a well nutritional healthy diet, which helps you maintain a healthy body. Normally it is advised to take 300 calories extra of what you should have been consuming as a healthy diet before pregnancy.
  • Drink lots of water: Dehydration is found in almost 80 percent of pregnant women and is a root cause of high blood pressure, fatigue and headaches. Keep your body well hydrated as dehydration can cause serious effects to the baby’s immune system.
  • Exercise: Exercising releases happy hormones, keeps you fit and strong, increases the blood flow in the body and baby, increases the baby’s heart rate and muscles movement and makes your child a little more healthy. Need we say more?
  • Stimulate brain through activities: Listen to music or read books, solve that puzzle and travel to make your child’s brain work. Research has proved that indulging into hobbies have a deep insight into stimulating a child’s brain, particularly music has a wonderful effect on the child’s brain.

What is harmful for the baby brain development?

It is imperative to know about the harmful habits and things that can have adverse effects on the baby, to keep them away for a safer pregnancy. Let’s understand what is harmful for the baby’s brain development:

  • Early Birth: Sometimes the baby is born as early as 37 or 38 weeks, and it is very common for them to have some kind of inability. That is why doctors have been against induced labor. A well-maintained healthy lifestyle shall help you save the baby’s brain development and a healthy delivery of the baby.
  • Inadequate nutrition: The nutrients like iodine, iron, calcium etc are required for a healthy development of a baby’s brain, insufficiency of which leads to baby’s learning disabilities like lower I.Q., behavioral problems, delay in language learning, delayed skill developments etc. Adequate quantity of iodine instills thyroid hormone, which helps in brain development. Iron helps in the making of red blood cells, which transports oxygen to the body and helps in baby growth.
  • Medication: Any medication taken during pregnancy can have harmful effects on the baby’s development, so only prescribed and utmost medicines are advised.
  • Green vegetables deficiency: Green vegetables are necessary for giving body the folic acid required for the development of neural tube, which combines the brain and the spinal cord. Green vegetables like broccoli, beans, citrus fruits etc should never be avoided.
  • Vitamin D insufficiency: Deficiency in Vitamin D results in underdevelopment and slow growth of the child and also results in baby asthma.

What benefits baby’s brain development?

There are a lot of healthy choices you can make to take benefits, which shall help you progress towards a healthy development of your child’s brain. As we already discussed, the baby’s brain development starts as early as when he is in mother’s womb, it continues to develop drastically during the first three years of birth. Know what benefits your baby’s brain development:

  • Woman’s age: The babies who are born to a mother who are in their 30’s are more likely to be born intelligent. As the women in their thirties are more stable, happier, planned and full of energy, the child inherits a lot of intellectual features from their mothers.
  • Love and care: Mothers who show love and care while the baby is in their womb are seen to have more healthier and happy babies. Talking to your baby in a soft and gentle way, making the baby aware of your living, language and other traits happen when you chat with your baby in the womb.
  • Gain the right weight: Gaining weight during pregnancy is unavoidable but make sure you don’t gain too much weight to increase the size of the baby too much. Keep your weight in check as much as 10-12 kgs increase only.
  • Moderate exercise: Exercising during pregnancy helps the baby move the muscles during fetal developments and helps him learn the breath movements, which help them develop a healthy nervous system.

What are the threats to a slow or under-development of baby’s brain?

If proper care has not been taken to provide nutrition and care to the baby for the baby’s development the baby might suffer from delayed development, allergies (environmental and food), Asthma, lower IQ, depression, weight issues or may be at some times heart diseases. It is thus very essential to keep a check on all the healthy options you can allow yourself to keep the baby’s development in check.

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