Car Safety for Babies

If you are pregnant for the first time, it is expected of you to think all about the pregnancy without comprehending the things you ought to do once the baby is born. The guidelines and requirements regarding an infant’s safety are rather compulsive to follow.

Talking of safety, the issue of car safety for babies has been one of great concern among parents young and elderly. You find out that you are going to have another addition to the family and making sure that everyone is transported safely from that very first ride is absolutely necessary.

So the main thing is that you buy something that you can use every time properly, fits your child, fits your car and you know how to use it. if you don’t know how to use it, you are probably going to fix it wrong, and a majority percentage of people do not know how to use car seats properly.

As statistic suggest, about 90 to 95% of parents make mistakes with car seats. If you are thinking that you are doing it right, you may proceed further to learn about some of your mistakes.

Getting the car seat ready

Before getting ready to put the baby in, certain things need to be done to set the car seat up. The first of which is to set the shoulder straps, at or below shoulders for rear facing kids. Some seats only have one slot for the shoulder; these are the types of seats that have no side harness.

The straps can move up or down and there is usually a head rest that moves along with it. In other seats, you have to rethread the straps.

The other thing to talk about is that the seat covers that are on the shoulder strap, many of these are simply way too long for a new born and then they are going to prevent the chest clip from being at the proper level.

On almost every seat on a market, these are optional and not safety devices and you can move them. Most children also hate them because they put pressure on the side of the neck, which is certainly not favourable for the child.

In addition, they tend to make the straps twist around which is not only annoying but it is also not safe.

The other thing to take into consideration is head position. If you put your chin down for a second on your chest, you will immediately feel that it is hard to breathe with your chin down. Your baby is going to have the same trouble breathing with their chin down because it will block off the airway.

But the difference is, for the adults they can move their chin up in order to breathe properly, but a newborn cannot do that until six months!

So if the newborn’s head falls down like that in a chin to chest position they are going to have trouble breathing and they cannot let themselves out of trouble so as a responsible parent you ought to avoid that.

Putting extra padding behind the head will only tend to encourage the child’s head to fall down in that chin to chest position and many seats come with extra padding behind the child’s head.

Surprisingly a lot of these pads are counterproductive and you need to read the manual to your car seat. If the insiders are removable, which most of them are, you are going to have to consider removing it.

Fitting the baby comfortably into the seat

If you think about how your newborn sleeps in their crib or basket, they are lying on their back just like they are lying on their back in the car seat. But instead of their head being erect they turn their head to the side.

It is advisable to turn your child’s head to the side when they are in the car seat, which is a very natural position for breathing. Ultimately, it is the question of how to put the baby in a correct position into the seat.

First of all, you have to dress him/her properly and dressing properly means that the baby’s legs are separated. So pants and shorts are fine or a little dress for a girl. However, none of the gowns or buntings they sell at the market is suitable for a baby when it is being seated in a car seat.

If it is cold outside, you also want to make sure that the baby is dressed so they stay warm, but also safe, if you put the baby in a car seat in a bulky coat or a snow suit or other fluffy things your baby will not be well protected in a crash and here is why: the whole idea of the car seat is to serve as your child’s parachute.

And in the forces your body and your child’s body will feel 30 miles an hour is the same thing to jump from a third storied window and land on the pavement. In situations like this the parachute will provide you a safe and steady jump.

So when you make your child’s car seat tight to the car and the straps snug to their body that is their parachute. If the seat is loose in the car or the straps are loose to the child’s body then they come to a stop but now it comes to a stop but the jilting stop, like landing on your feet is what hurts! And it is important to make sure that the straps are snug to the body.

Extra precautions

Now that you are ready to put the baby in the first thing to do is to loosen the straps. If you look at your child’s car seat, you will notice a strap at the bottom. You follow the strap on its argent and right above there you are going to find a type of a tab.

You are either going to push down or lift up on the tab with one hand. And the other hand is going to pull forward on the shoulder straps at the same time. Now when it is time to put the baby in you are going to have to make sure that the bottom of your baby is all the way into the back of the car seat.

The next step would be to buckle between the baby’s legs. The last step would be to buckle the clip across the chest and make sure to keep it low.

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