Common Cold Problems for Newborn Baby – All that you need to know about it!

A child is the most beautiful creation in the world. Such innocence and flawless beauty is not observed in anything else. It is the best gift to any parent and the child ushers in a lot of happiness to everyone’s life.

Parenting a child is a beautiful journey and requires a lot of patience and compassion. Often parents get stressed with all the extra work that they need to do for the child.The child is entirely dependent on the parents and hence needs to be given complete care and attention.

As a parent, the child’s entire responsibility rests in your hands. Parenting requires a lot of sacrifices and only when you are ready to do so, become a parent.

Delights of being a parent are many and there are quite a few stress factors too. The most painful experiences being a parent is to see your baby suffer. You feel helpless and clueless about how to comfort your baby.

You need to know the basic hacks when your baby is ill. The key is to not panic and act quickly. You need to be vigilant about the various actions of the baby as the baby can’t communicate on their own.

Give the child all the needed nutrients so that he or she can have a proper growth and develop enough immunity power.But in spite of many precautions being taken, often a child falls ill as they are very delicate.

Here, we talk about are a very common disease that a bay catches in his early days – the common cold. First let us look into the causes of the disease.

Common colds are generally infections of the throat, the mouth and nose. This is known as the upper respiratory tract. Colds are known to be generally caused by many viruses. Babies with a weak immune system easily get affected by these viruses.

Colds usually spread when a person affected with cold coughs or sneezes thus releasing a virus, whichcould be inhaled by someone around. Cold could also be transferred through hand contact.

Hence, be very careful and always keep your mouth covered and also nose while sneezing. Remember that you need to keep washing your hands before touching your child.

Now let us look into the symptoms that you should watch out for in case your child has common cold.

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Loss of appetite
  • Runny, stuffy nose
  • Reddened eyes
  • Restlessness and irritability
  • Swollen lymph nodes, on neck, under armpits, and the back of head

When you see your new born suffering with the above symptoms, know that he or she has common cold and needs to be treated accordingly. Common cold is not a very difficult disease to treat on your own.

The cold generally goes away by itself but you should know when you need to take your baby to the doctor. Here we tell you what you need to do about the disease and when it is time that you take the baby to the doctor.

Things that you can do as a parent.

  • Let your baby get a lot of rest. Give the baby more of bottle or breast feeds. Keep him hydrated sufficiently so that the fever if he or she has any, reduces.
  • The baby will not be able to blow his or her nose own their own so help them do so. This will clear the nasal passage time and again and help in better breathing.
  • Infant ibuprofen or paracetamolis also seen to be effective in bringing down fever. There are certain regulations that need to be followed before giving the child the medicines. So keep yourself well informed about these details.
  • A nice comfortable vapor rub always produces a lot of relief and helps in better breathing. Apply to the baby’s back and chest region.
  • You could also try steam bathing or keeping the baby in a steamed bathroom for sometime. These opens the locked airways and helps him get rid of the cough. After the steamed bath, make sure you change him to dry clothes.

When to take your baby to the doctor?

  • If your kid’s age is less than 3 months, then you should visit the doctor with the baby as soon as you notice any symptoms of illness.
  • If the cold persists or doesn’t improve in 5 days, seek medical help.
  • If the baby keeps rubbing the ears or seems to be irritated. This is usually a sign of an infection in the ear.
  • If he faces any trouble breathing.
  • If the cough has changed color to green, brown or yellow. Even if the running from the nose has changed color, go to the doctor.

Prevention of common cold in babies.

  • It is observed that breast feeding is a very effective way of keeping babies healthy. The mother passes on her antibodies to the baby in this process. Though this is not the complete solution to prevent this disease, it is seen that babies being breast-fed are better off at preventing common cold.
  • Keep the baby away from someone who has a cold. Always ask people touching your baby to wash off their hands before holding the child or even before touching the belongings of the child.
  • If any of the people in the house smoke, give up smoking immediately. Keep the baby away from all smokers as it is observed that babies surrounded with smokers tend to catch cold faster.

Now that you know all the details of the disease, you will be able to cope up with the situation a lot better. Always keep baby medicines handy and do not panic. It is indeed heartrending to see your child suffer, but remember if you go nervous, things only get worse.

Common cold is not a disease to worry about much but the initial steps need to be taken with tact so that it does not grow and become a potential problem.

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