Take cue of the Baby gift ideas from us!

It’s a busy life and there is hardly any time left with people to find gifts for anyone! If there pops up a birthday or marriage of a colleague, what we resort to is just wishing them with an online post or visiting their ceremonies with a bunch of flowers in hand.

It is only when we have situations where a gift is a must to make up for the lost times or a gift is very much appreciated and expected do we go for buying a gift for someone. And if you are a soon to-be-parents or already having a newly born baby, or probably a close relative or friend of a newly turned parents, you will know how much of a task it is to not just find a good solution to the gifting tricks on an occasion but also to find the right kind of gift for the baby.

A child is a newly born bunch of joy, a bouquet in itself! He/she has no idea of the world whatsoever, and for him to understand any gift is not expected. But what if you bring something in front of the child’s eyes and he immediately bursts into laughter of joy and wants to play with it?

Well we love the idea of it, but indeed finding something like this has to be unique too. So we thought about making your task easier on finding the right kind of gifts for the baby and finding quick solutions to different solutions where baby gifting ideas are needed!

How to decide what to give?

Affection decides what, when and how to give a gift to a baby. A baby for whom the gift has to be chosen can be anyone, a relative, a friend’s child, a neighbor’s child or an acquaintance. What is to be gifted and how much of it has to be gifted is to be decided on the level of affection you have for the baby.

What kind of gifts shall be chosen?

While gifting a gift to a bay, you have to know a lot of things like:

  • The gift has to bring smile to the baby
  • It has to be of some use to the baby
  • It shall be easy and without any complex process

Yes, a child gift is always simple that does not involve any harm to the child and the child is able to easily interpret the use of it.

What are the baby gift ideas I can choose from?

There are a lot of options available in the market for gifting baby an ideal thing for him/her. Our list is an exclusive take on the assortment of a lot of baby gifting ideas.

  • Clothes: A baby never has enough clothes. With the amount of craziness, it spreads across everywhere it goes, a baby always spoils its clothes and makes way for newer ones pretty soon. Babies also tend to get bored on their clothes soon and so we often catch instances of babies denying wearing a particular dress or demanding new dresses upon chances of going somewhere. So gifting good clothes to baby is the most basic gift one can think of.
  • Baby care products: There are a lot of companies coming up with an assorted pack of baby skin and hair care products. These products are specifically made for babies and are clinically tested. It shall help to take right care of the baby. You can gift these hampers to the baby!
  • Bedding and baby blankets: everyone is fond of baby blankets, the one that come in funky colors and designs with cartoons and other drawings made on them. And with the numerous times that a child makes them dirty, the bedding and blankets tend to get soiled and useless after a point of time. As the child is always growing, there has to be different sizes of their beddings and blankets too to take care of their full coverage. And hence, gifting cute baby beddings and blankets is a great gift idea.
  • Diapers: Need we say more? Diapers are the most needed item in the house where a baby rests. A mother will always thank you for getting her an extra packet of diapers for the baby. What should you be doing? You should probably be booking a month’s supply of diapers for the baby and find a place in heaven!
  • Books and fairytales: Books are your best friend! And fairy tales are the first introduction of knowledge for the babies. All parents love telling and reading fairy tales to their babies, as they make the babies more attentive, understanding and makes space for their imaginations to work. With more fairy tale books, you are giving a child his share of imagination where he can build his future soon!
  • Backup baby bag: One of the most annoying things ever happening to a new born baby’s mother is to forget the baby bag at home and find herself in the market without any resource for the kid. A backup baby bag is a bag that is filled with all the emergency necessities and shall be kept in your car or travel bags to find it in urgent needs. This is one of the most cherished gifts.
  • Baby furniture: Baby furniture is very different from the normal furniture and sometimes parents don’t indulge into making new baby furniture just because they are already too occupied with the baby care routine. Baby furniture is an awesome gift to give to a baby, with new kinds of colors and prints on the furniture and creating a new space for the baby. Baby furniture keeps the baby excited and cheerful at all moments in the day as the lively colors and drawings keep the baby’s mood light and happy.
  • Self-made gifts: Anything that has your touch and feel is always cherished. As for babies they might not know the use and importance of how it feels to receive a hand-made gift, the baby’s parents will always love that gesture and will preserve the moment for the baby to someday know of. Handmade bed-sheets, cards, toys, or even one time meal is very special for everyone!
  • Logo clothes: This is a new era and everyone is obsessed with personalized things. And so there are a lot of companies coming up with baby clothing ranges with exclusive engraving of the baby’s name on them. Select a suitable range of clothes, which includes every item of baby’s daily wear and need, and engrave the baby’s name on it as a gift.
  • Cute pacifiers: Pacifiers are baby’s best friends and they love finding them cute. Gift a range of different cute pacifiers to keep the baby interested and mindful of the pacifiers.
  • Baby bibs: Nothing feels as special as a home-made gift prepared specially for the baby. Baby bibs are available in the market but you can make these at home too. Bonus that the designs and colors can be your own and you can personalize it according to your choice. They look super cute, affordable and speak volumes of love.
  • Cute diaper holder: babies and diapers have an unbreakable relation until the little one grows up. And there is a constant rush to put those diapers in place to find them at the right time, we mean after every hour. Why not give the little one and the mom a sweet little diaper holder, made with love that reminds them of you every time they use it. Funky, colorful and simple diaper holders are easy to make and can be a good idea for a baby gift.
  • Puppets: Babies love puppet shows that are enacted and given special effects by their loved ones. You can choose to make puppets for the baby and enact it in front of the baby to make the baby smile and giggle.

A hint of gifting baby their perfect gifts!

Babies are too small to understand or acknowledge the gift they have received in their earlier years. Giving them something that catches their attention and makes them happy is all you seek while gifting them something.

Being a part of a child’s childhood is the most amazing feeling, and gifting them a sweet gift means gifting those sweet moments in their childhood. It can be anything from a toy to something that can be of use to the mother for care taking of the child.

Being a part of the mother’s early parenthood is a gift too as it is a very tough time for the new born baby’s mother too. Make sure you gift things that make the duo happy and smiling.

After some years when the baby finds his old toys and games, there will be those small little gifts that would make sense and make them feel of the love you have for them. And so the best gift idea is one which you think is perfect for the baby and made with love.

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