How to Play with Your Baby?

Playing with babies is the most fun thing we do! We all like the way a baby giggles and sees at us with wonder and amazement. The tiny hands and feet, the softness when they holds us and the love and cunningness they show when they play is like a therapy to all the adults.

Indeed childhood is the only time when carelessness and happiness come together and if there has to be an example of how happy you can be ever in life is in childhood. Love the smell of lotions and powders coming from the bay, the cute little dresses and the miniature world associated with them?

You surely do! But right when you are told to hold them in hand, you get nervous! Probably because you have never help such delicate and priceless feeling in your hand before and any mistake in this would harm them.

Yes, it is tough to play with babies, given their unpredictable behavior and unknown mistakes we could do, and so we gave a thought and study into this and have brought to you the guide on how to play with your baby.

How to Play with Baby While He is Still in Mother’s Womb?

While you are pregnant you happen to experience a lot of things about your baby. There are particularly some situations where your actions create a reaction in your child and you feel it. This is because the child is so connected to you. Your thoughts and actions make his thoughts and actions.

The baby is continuously growing and developing inside the mother and so the initiatives to make him grow and develop should start as early as when the baby is in the mother’s womb.
Indulge yourself into some healthy habits like reading happy books, listening to relaxing and calm music, eating good food, go for evening walks and take time out to sit and talk to your baby.

The things you talk to him shape his thoughts and actions as well. And so it is important that the father and mother both talk to the baby daily to help him grow and get familiar with your touch and feeling.

The connection starts from within. There are instances when the mother finds the baby kick in some particular moments, this is because baby understands what is going around him and gives his reaction.

It is important to keep talking and making gestures to the baby in the womb to help him develop and create bond to the voices.

How to play with a newborn baby?

A new born baby does not play with toys and does not take part in games. What he requires is the gathering of people who talk with him in his waking hours. Newborns sleep a lot and there is very little time they spend awake.

With time passing through them becoming aware with the world, they start waking up for more hours going on to make a routine like others. A newborn’s brain needs stimulation for just the right amount of time to help him grow and also take rest when he is tired.

Allow the baby to make acquaintances with you, let him gaze at you or constantly give him new things and people to gaze at. Not spending much time with the baby makes him bored and tired and stops his learning of new things and development of actions.

However knowing about the baby’s reactions to certain things may be very confusing for you, you can only decode the behavior when you spend time with the baby, which generally happens most with the mother because she spends each moment with the baby.

Of course like the popular belief goes, ‘the child who is most played and talked to is the most active and happy child’ and so it is important to constantly keep talking and making gestures to the kid. There are ways in which you can help stimulate a kid’s brain.

  • Keep him in the company of people. Make his bassinet sit in the common place in the house to make everyone pass gestures at him throughout the day. This way he finds a lot of actions around him and he tries to make reactions.
  • Keep him by your side always, while reading a book, going for a walk or even having a chat with your friend. This way the child feels like a part of you and stays connected to you in terms of his needs.
  • Being carried provides the child with the therapy you don’t know of. The rhythms of movement in your singing and moving around gives him a calming feel along with a panorama view of the place around which almost feels like a movie to him.
  • Take the baby for shopping and hopping places and keep his hands free to grab objects and feel them. It helps stimulate the brain and make the baby work on it to find their uses, colors and shapes attractive.
  • Give your baby ample things to look at. Make him go different places and have different views. At first he will not be able to look beyond a foot or two but that will gradually develop and also he will start reading places and people.

What are the games babies can play?

There are times when you are not around to play and dance with him and have to find things that help him stay happy and still enjoy the view. The best kind of games that you can use to stimulate his brain while not being around are:

  • Black and white pattern designs
  • Flash cards
  • Soft toys
  • Ceiling hangings
  • Musical toys

How to make baby playing with water?

Summer is the perfect time to make your child super active, playing and learning. With pop colors and heat variants child learns a lot through visions and feel. Water is an essentially good way of keeping the child happy, playing and makes remarkable development.

Although getting into the pool might not be a good idea for so small babies, there are small colorful pools designed especially for small babies to keep the water splashing. Water helps improve the sensory feelings in a child as it seems like a different world altogether.

Playing in water, splashing, etc helps give coolness and balance to the child. The resistance in water makes the child work harder to stand or walk in water which helps in building body strength.

Just fill a big tub or the small swimming pools with water and let your kid in, making sure the water level is just near his chest. Keep track of his movements, give him small toys to play with in water, and never leave him unattended.

If you take your kid out to play in water, make sure you have made him wear the safety jackets and gears to save him from drowning. Do not leave your child unattended and watch out when he is tired, you want to comfort him and not get him too tired or sad.

How do you change the baby games with age?

Changing baby games with age has a lot to with the baby’s growth and development. There are signs that the kid will give you in respect of his boredom with certain toy or game and liking towards something better.

His movements and understanding will make you understand that he needs to upgrade to better learning tools.

With age babies find new toys and new areas of interest. You will find them looking for more toys and finding new places to explore while searching for new toys. Consider these signs and you will know how to understand that the baby needs upgraded toys.

  • The ceiling hangings that used to rejoice him on playing, is now not attractive anymore. Sometimes you find him watching anything else while the ceiling toy is rolling.
  • He grabs another new toy and throws away the one in hand.
  • He often cries to touch or feel some new objects
  • He is easily solving small riddles again and again.

When your baby has been giving withdrawal signs to his old toys it’s time to find upgraded toys for his matching intelligence.

Ideas to help your child play and learn!

Learning while playing is a good idea to keep the child happy and still work on his intelligence, growth and development. It is through games that children learn the important lessons of life. And so it becomes really understand the child’s behavior, level of understanding and to gradually keep on increasing the level of toys for his growth and development. Some points to keep in mind are:

  • Age: 0 to 3 months
    • The baby is able to listen to familiar voices and likes familiar faces. You can be the favorite toy at his age. He will want to giggle and play with you and your movements.
    • The best toys that you can buy for newborns are small graphically attractive toys which help them grasp them wholly in hand, are very soft and sometimes little onjects that make soft sounds
  • Age: 3 to 6 months
    • Baby starts becoming more physically active and starts exploring with his taste and movements
    • Everything you give him shall be chewed so make sure you have clean and safe toys in his hands. Small games like passing the ball will be great
  • Age: 6 to 12 months
    • The baby starts crawling, creeping, clasping hands and even making small sounds of gestures.
    • Picking up objects, throwing and banging things is common at this age and it is of utmost important that you keep non-breakable safe toys around him. The fact that he is reachable to many objects, the baby is going to be at his explorative best. Make sure you keep him indulged in toys that make him keep moving yet safe.
    • Crawlers and cycles with safety attachments are best to keep him moving around the house.

And this is how you progress with the understanding of child and giving him the right kind of toys as and when his intelligence permits.

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