Travel Guide for Pregnant Women

“To travel is to make a journey within you” and we all abide by this rule. We give ourselves a break every now and then and set out on a journey to find ourselves. Although there can be any time right for us to travel, for the women who are pregnant should take good care of the time they choose to travel.

Travelling involves a lot of change in environment and comfort and with a child in you; you surely don’t want to take a difficult plunge. Travelling is a great way to fight with those hormonal changes and keep your mood just right when your body is going crazy with all the changes inside you. And so we are here to give the travel guide for pregnant women, because you should keep an upper hand for your care and comfort.

A little planning, a good packing of the necessities and the right place can do wonders for the travel you take during your pregnancy. And if this is not enough, let’s answer a few questions and know just the right way to tackle the pregnancy travel confusions!

What is the safest time to travel during pregnancy?

It is generally good to travel at all times during pregnancy but the best time to travel during your pregnancy is the second trimester. Any sort of travel plans during pregnancy should be made with doctor’s supervision and guidance, especially if you are at high risk.

The first trimester is generally risky for travel as it’s a very critical time and the child has not developed into a baby so soon. The third trimester becomes a little uncomfortable for women to travel as they have heavy weight carrying with them and also there much higher care involved in those times.

What are places you can choose to travel during pregnancy?

Destination selection is very critical to planning a holiday or vacation during pregnancy. You do not want to travel to a place where you don’t get your necessary supplies or emergency help!

Adventure sports and high altitude travel is not a good idea when travelling unless you feel totally comfortable with it. Always choose a city or country which is well developed and has the amenities that you require.

Keep in check the environment of the place, the temperature range, the culture and traditions and also the amount of travel you will have to do to explore the place. It is essential to read about the latest issues that have been going on in the place particularly about the diseases which can be making rounds amongst people there.

Should you travel by Air during pregnancy?

Travelling by air is often considered for women while they are pregnant. It takes the minimum amount of time to travel through an airplane. The fuss to take care of your luggage, the hustle bustle of people, and the comfort is taken care of and so flight is perfect for travelling.

However there are things that should be kept in mind before taking that flight.

  • Most of the airlines allow pregnant women to travel except in their ninth month where they’ve wanted to have a prescription from their health care provider or doctor. It is better to check with your airlines and get the permission of your doctor before booking the tickets.
  • Choosing an aisle seat is going to help you in big ways in a flight.
  • As sitting for long hours during flight will make your body tired, aisle seats will help you stretch better and if required then it’s easier to get up and take a short walk without disturbing the fellow passengers.
  • The tendency to use the bathroom increases during pregnancy and with an aisle seat it becomes easier to take multiple rounds to the restroom.
  • Sitting for long hours makes blood clots in legs during pregnancy which can be harmful for the body, and so make sure you get up and walk every hour to decrease the effects.
  • Air travel tends to dehydrate the body and so it is important to keep sipping on non-alcoholic, non-caffeine drinks every now and then to keep you hydrated. Pregnant women need extra fluids to help them keep false labor pain at bay.
  • Carry the luggage which doesn’t need to be lifted. While most of your bags must have one into the baggage, the one bag or suitcase you carry with yourself should be the one that can be easily pulled and requires less effort.
  • You can walk through the metal detectors as there is not much radiation coming from them, but if you still don’t want to take any chances take the help of attendants and go through the manual checking procedures which you get for pregnant women.
  • Keep snacks handy as many airlines don’t provide much for eating stuff.

Should you travel by car during pregnancy?

Travelling by car has a lot of similar problems like travelling by air. Long hours into the same seat and position will make your body tired and the blood circulation in the legs will trouble you a lot.

The biggest trouble in sitting and travelling is the blood clots that take place during pregnancy. You will want to consider our tips while travelling in car:

  • Wear your seatbelt: Wearing seat belt is a safety measure for almost everyone, but which pregnancy the precaution becomes just obvious. At all times, make sure you have tied both the chest and waist seat belts. They save you from any possible bumps on the bad road.
  • Air bags: Air bags are important during road travels because of the dirty air that shall be coming through the road. Keep your windows closed and use those air bags for good breathing.
  • Breaks: Take short bathroom and walk breaks in long road journeys and stretch your body. It is necessary to help your body make good blood circulations to avoid blood clotting and freshen up again for the journey ahead. You can even wear the stockings, which are specifically made to increase blood circulation in the leg.
  • Stock-up: Carry your medications, snacks, water and all the necessities in enough amounts with you because with road journeys the predictability of getting the things anywhere gets reduced.

What are the safety measures you should take while travelling during pregnancy?

While travelling, one has to be always prepared for unforeseen situations, diseases and health concerns. With pregnancy the care and precautions increase and you should not be taking chances on anything.

Preparing about the travel and the safety measures are always about the place you are travelling to and so it is necessary to get a deep knowledge of the place, its influencing factors and how different is the place from where you live.

If you are travelling to a developed country, the accessibility to general supplies like food, medicines, and good water is not an issue. More rural places have little or no access to much of general supplies, so you should take supplies with you in that case.

Save yourself from indulging in food at streets and areas where you are not sure of the cleanliness and hygiene. The general safety measures you should take are:

  • Carry the map: It is necessary to carry a map, city guide, important places, details of hospitals, place of residence along with you to battle the unforeseen situations wisely and also to keep track of your moves.
  • Comfort: In a new place, comfort is not obtained easily; they have to be searched and hence make sure that you stay at a good, clean and hygienic place to save yourself from possible diseases or discomfort.
  • Clothes: Carry with yourself the most comfortable clothes to avoid feeling uneasy at unpredictable weather changes.
  • Safety: Do not compromise on your safety. Travel safely, avoid unsafe areas and adventures and make comfort your priority.

The food and drink guidance while travelling during pregnancy!

The food and drinking habits of pregnant women turn out to be very different and should be taken care of. And when you are travelling, it becomes necessary to keep in check the contents and quality of the food you get in new places. It is best to carry your own snack and food but if it comes to trying food at new places, remember these points:

  • Do not consume alcohol or too much caffeine
  • Keep canned juices and bottled water handy to avoid differences in water content changes.
  • Make sure that the milk you drink is pasteurized
  • The food you eat should be completely cooked

The importance of seat belts while travelling!

Whether you are having an air travel or a road trip it is necessary at all times to be safe and sound. The multiple possibilities and the risk involved with travelling must be lowered by taking all sorts of precautions.

And before anything else comes the tying of seat belts and safety belts around you to keep you in place while travelling. While in an airplane or in a car, there are times when the weather is not good, there is turbulence in the air, road bumps, and even unforeseen rash drivers on the road and so the responsibility for your own self comes to you.

To keep you on the seat and save you from clashing with any object, there are safety belts, which should be used at all times.

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