Best Baby Blanket Reviews

When can a Baby Use a Blanket?

Every mother has a motherly instinct screaming to protect her baby from cold. You must be wanting to wrap his little body in a blanket to make him feel warm. But you might not be aware of the fact that blankets can smother babies, so it’s safe to keep these blankets out of his crib till the time he grows stronger.

You can introduce his first blanket after he’s 1, or older. By this time, he’ll be able to sleep safely with a blanket. Also, make sure you choose a fairly small and thin blanket for him, obviously after a year of his birth.

What to Look for When Buying Baby Blanket?

  • Keep in mind the material – While you are choosing a blanket that too for your new born you must be very careful while you choose one! As the skin of the babies are quite tender as well as very sensitive, so one must go for such materials which are gentle on their sensitive skin & make them feel comfortable. Try to go for light cotton material rather than going for synthetic blankets.
  • The Right Blanket – Well you see, you just can go about buying any kind of blanket for the child. Even if you choose the right material, still you need to find the best! As in all blankets are not for every season. If it is summer you need to buy light colored blankets which are light in weight, and if it is winter then heavy blankets would do good. If you don’t find the appropriate blanket for the right season, then your baby would feel uncomfortable.
  • No tussles – The blankets that comes with ribbons, tussles, fringes might look very appealing but it is advised that one should better avoid them. Why? Well because your tiny toddler can tangle himself/herself up in those loose ends & might end up hurting themselves. So to avoid such things go with simple blanket for your baby,
  • In size – When you are going to buy blanket for your baby just keep in mind the size. Not too large not too small would do. Because if you buy a blanket that is small for the baby then it might not help him/her in any way rather make him/her feel uncomfortable. And if you buy too large for the baby then it might end up overwhelming him/her & again make him/her feel suffocated or uncomfortable. So try to buy the right sized blanket for your baby.
  • Make it look cute – There are a lots of baby blanket that are available in the market now – a-days. So if you want to buy a cute baby blanket keeping in mind all the above things, you can go for bright color or blankets which have Cartoon Characters drawn on them! Choosing the right blanket for your baby is very crucial as they are going to spend lot of time with it, & they end up choosing their own favorite blanket; the one they wanted to be tucked in with every time.

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