Best Baby Bottles Reviews

When do you need baby bottles?

The experts in lactation ask mothers to wait for babies to grow at least for one month before they make the switch to baby bottles. You need to breastfeed your newborn for a span of one month. If you are a working woman then make sure you give your baby and yourself enough time to adjust to the switch.

Give your child two weeks before you join office, this way you will be able to see how your child is adjusting to it. When a baby starts sucking milk from a baby bottle a lot of mouth and tongue movement is required, which is entirely different from breastfeeding.

That is why the little one needs time to adjust. In order to make the switch to baby bottles easier you can carry out these procedures.

Feed your child milk from a baby bottle after breastfeeding him or her.

To make the transition swift start with a small amount may be an ounce or half. This will help the child get accustomed to the nipple.

Use a nipple that flows slowly

Babies have smaller mouths and that is why their tiny mouth can’t take a strong flow of milk. Using a regular sized nipple might cause the problem. Try a regular sized nipple at first, if your baby starts to gag with the overflow of milk in his or her mouth. Switch to a nipple that has a slower flow.

Don’t be the one that is introducing your child to the baby bottle.

If you take up the task of feeding your child with a baby bottle, the infant might refuse to take it. This happens because kids wonder why their mothers are making the switch. When someone else does the same the baby will not be confused and has a higher chance of acceptaning the bottle. You can turn to your spouse, family, friends, mother or anyone from child care to do it for you.

Try to be outdoors.

No matter how strange it sounds. Experts and doctors feel that a child should be taken outdoors and away from the mother to feed him or her with the baby bottle. The baby senses the environment and surrounding he or she is in.

Things to keep in mind while switching to baby bottles.

Babies start reacting in a different way when they are made to drink the milk from a bottle. They wake up before they have completed their sleep, they don’t drink as much milk as they should, and babies also start getting agitated. Don’t be surprised if these things start happening. Give them the time they need.

Keep the pacifier and nipple of the same kind.

Choose a nipple for the baby bottle made out of latex. Make sure the material of the pacifier is the same. In order to make the child take nipple of the baby bottle easily, warm it in water. This will turn the nipple soft.

Give the baby the taste of your breast milk.

Dip the nipple of the baby bottle in your breast milk. This will help the child get the taste and the smell of his or her mother. They start sucking on the nipple in order to get more of it.

Let the baby do whatever they want.

Don’t stop your child from playing with the nipple of the baby bottle. This helps the child get familiar to it. Kids often chew the nipple of the baby bottle rather than sucking it. Let them do it for some time without any prevention. Try holding the child in different positions to help her more.

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