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When do you need a Stroller?

A new mother needs to go out for her outdoor activities as life comes back with all its needs after pregnancy but can she always leave her baby behind at home? No, it is not always possible to leave a baby behind at home, especially when there is nobody to take care of the baby.

Moreover, the baby too after a few initial months needs some fresh light and air and wants to go out of the house. A visit to the grocery or mall or an afternoon walk sounds perfect with your little one.

Carrying your baby in your arms can be comforting but not while you are outdoors. It is really tiresome to walk, climb up stairs or go through a bumpy road with a baby clinging on to your body.

It is difficult to maintain balance, take up phone calls and yet be comfortable. A baby stroller comes handy in such cases. It makes your life much easier than before. You can carry on with a great deal of outdoor activities like shopping, walking, etc. without feeling bogged down by the weight of your baby in your arms.

This way, both you and your baby can spend a great time together. You can purchase different types of strollers for your baby at different stages or go for a multi-featured stroller that can be adjusted according to your baby’s age and needs.

  • New born babies do not have the ability to sit upright. For them, you will need a stroller where your baby can lie down flat while you are going out. At this stage, buy strollers with fully reclined seats.
  • Soon at the age of 6 months or so, your baby is able to sit upright independently. They would not want to recline anymore and would instead want to sit up and look around while you are at your work. They enjoy the sights and sounds that are around them. At this age they need a stroller with a semi-reclined seat that allows them to sit and enjoy the sights while they are taken on a ride.
  • There are strollers for toddlers too so that you can make your baby sit while you are out for long walk or to the shopping mall, without making them walk such distances or dragging them along. Some of them even have storage spaces in the bottom to store your shopped items while coming back.

Difference between umbrella stroller vs full-size stroller.

The umbrella Strollers.

One of the most purchased stroller is an umbrella sty. It is inexpensive and is seen around a lot. The name of this stroller comes from its handles that are curved like that of an umbrella. It can even be folded and fitted inside the back or trunk of your car.

The umbrella stroller weighs less than twelve pounds, which makes it extremely easy to carry around. It is a stroller that is suitable for babies below the age of six months. This is because it doesn’t provide any support to the neck and head of the child.

Today’s advanced umbrella strollers can be used for kids who are upto four to five years of age. The problem with this stroller is that parents have to wait for a couple of months before they can use it but on the plus side, it can be used for years afterwards.

So, that totally balances it. Umbrella strollers don’t come with any canopy and storage space. Although some of the umbrella strollers can have both. They are used mostly for quick trips, traveling, or for the purpose of running errands.

The benefits of Umbrella Strollers.

  • It is very cheap and hence everyone can afford it for their children.
  • Compact and durable in design.
  • The weight of the umbrella strollers makes it easier to carry around.
  • It is best for traveling, daily chores and quick or small trips.
  • The umbrella strollers can be used for a long time.


  • It is not very strongly built.
  • The range of features in an umbrella stroller is limited.
  • Bigger sized strollers are more comfortable for a child. They provide more space than an umbrella stroller.
  • There is no storage available.
  • It can be used when a child is above six months old.

The full-size strollers.

Full size strollers are also known as standard strollers. They are way more spacious than any ordinary stroller. These strollers are one of a kind as they are brimming with features to enhance the level of comfort of a child.

It comes with cup holders for your child as well as you, canopy, seats that can be adjusted and reclined, has a lot of storage capacity and provides different compartments for convenience.

These strollers are perfect for every new born baby. They can be used till a child is of three to four years old. Your child will hardly feel the bumps on the road as these strollers come with way larger wheels than present in the umbrella strollers.

It makes the ride extremely smooth and pleasant for the child. Any one who is planning to buy a stroller should get this instead of the umbrella strollers.


  • Perfect for new born babies as it comes with neck and head support.
  • Full-size strollers can be used until a child is four years old. So, it gives total value for your money.
  • The additional features makes it an exciting piece of beauty.
  • Babies will always find themselves comfortable in this because it is more spacious.
  • The use of larger sized wheels makes the ride smoother for a kid.
  • It comes in a plethora of fabric, material, style and different features.
  • The full-size stroller unlike the umbrella strollers have sturdy construction and will last for a long time.


  • It is not suitable for trips. The size of the full-size stroller makes it hard to fold and carry around. That is why it is advisable to buy umbrella strollers when you are going for trips otherwise full-size strollers are the best in every aspect.

How to clean a stroller?

A stroller is an everyday thing of use for moms with little ones as they serve as the best options to take them out on a walk. They help you to make your child connect to the world while not having to physically carry your baby all the way in your arms.

While you can enjoy your walk, the baby enjoys the ride in some fresh air, while exploring the scenes happening around. But with time strollers get dirty too and need to be cleaned properly to maintain the hygiene of the product.

They not only collect dirt and germs while they are taken out but may also have settled debris from broken and spilt food. They may drop crumbs of food or spill their milk and juices on to the seat.

Cleaning the stroller properly is an important part of maintaining hygiene around your baby. Do not worry about cleaning it at all as a few simple steps can show you how to clean it very easily at home.

Collecting the crumbs-

You can either pick up the large crumbs that you see on the stroller with hand or use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the debris from the seat. The portion where the seat meets the back of the stroller has to be especially vacuumed to collect all the debris settled here and there.

Clean the fabric of the seat-

After the solid particles have been cleaned, it is time to clean the fabric of the seat deeply to take away microscopic dust and germs and disinfect the stroller. Take some mild soap or disinfectant along with cold water and to clean the seating area and canopy of the stroller. You can do so by wiping it with a cloth wet with the water. You may also dip a soft brush into the soapy water to clean some soiled areas. After it is clean, pat it dry with a dry towel to absorb the excess water and let the fabric breathe and dry naturally.

Clean the frame –

Finally, now it is time to clean the metal and plastic frame of your stroller to give it a fresh and shining look. The wheels, brakes and handles get soiled by dirt, mud, leaves, etc. They need proper brushing and cleaning to keep them in proper condition. Check for debris that may be stuck on them and remove them with a brush. Next, use the soap and water solution to clean the frame with a wet cloth. Wipe the excess water with a dry towel and leave it to dry. You can gently clean the wheels with a soft brush too to get rid of settled particles in the gaps. Be careful not to be too harsh and do not use strong chemicals, detergents and cleaners as they can scratch and weaken the plastic or metal frame. Also check the brakes and moving parts of the stroller while cleaning to ensure they are in perfect condition to avoid accidents.

Give the wheels a final wash –

The wheels run on the road and are the dirtiest part of the stroller. After initial cleaning, it is best to give the stroller’s wheels a complete wash so that they are absolutely spotlessly clean again. After they are properly washed and dried, inspect that the wheels are working properly. If the wheels of the stroller are pneumatic tyres, the air pressure must be properly maintained after cleaning.

Follow these few steps and adore your baby stroller looking as clean as a new one so that you can enjoy your ride with your baby every day. Also make sure never to fold up the stroller when wet as it may create rust and mould in it.

Let it air dry properly before folding it up. Avoid it from direct sunlight and cover it up with a cloth if you are not intending to use it often.

What should I look for while buying a stroller?

10 things to keep in mind while buying a stroller


The first and foremost thing with choosing a stroller is to find the budget you are comfortable with. Working on creating a budget and sticking to it can help prevent you from getting overwhelmed by the vast degree of choices available to you and be lead astray by unnecessary bells and whistles.

With a little bit of research, you can find what features fit into your budget, the reviews available and start from there.


It is necessary to spend some time and figure out the purpose you’re buying the stroller for. If you are very active and want to go on walks or runs with the baby, a stroller that is suited for all-terrain travel can help as they are sturdy and solid in the quality of build and ease of handling.

It can also be good to look at certain models that come with the option of adjusting the height and locks for the wheels that can help in running for different types of terrains. If you are looking for something that suits a more “indoor” lifestyle and just something that you can carry in the back of the car and visit markets or supermarkets, an “umbrella” stroller, which is less sturdy but more portable, lightweight and easy to fold up and carry around.


This is another significant detail that you will need to consider while you are buying a stroller. While most features are regulated and most stroller adheres to the safety standards in a country, it is very important to keep them in mind. Three really important features to keep in mind are:

  • Strollers need to have certain restraints to ensure that the child is secure and doesn’t fall out. A good type of restraint is a five-point restraint that has straps for the waist, shoulder and crotch.
  • It should have tether straps for the wrist to prevent the stroller rolling away. Some strollers come with a mechanism that can help the stroller brake when you let go.
  • Strollers should have a parking brake with a release mechanism located in an area not easily accessible to children when they are harnessed in.

Adjustable handle

If you are going to use the trailer regularly by two parents or a caregiver, it can be a good idea to look for a model with an adjustable handle to ensure that any difference in your height is accounted for and can help cut down on a lot of the back issues associated with pushing it around a lot.


If you are considering buying a stroller, you will need to think about the weight of the one that you are going for. As mentioned, all-terrain strollers are heavier than umbrella ones. Ensure that it is easy for both you and your partner to carry around and keep the weight and size in mind by testing out the weight when it is collapsed down. Also consider the maneuverability in relation to the weight.


If you are buying a stroller at a shop, it can be a good idea to test whether you can comfortably steer the stroller and comfortably manoeuver it in and out of small spaces, turning it around and tipping it back.

Ensure that walking with the stroller is comfortable for you and doesn’t cause any issues for walking.

The collapsible factor

It is very important to ensure that the stroller you are going for has an easy mechanism for collapsing so that if you have a screaming child you can do it with ease.

Storage Space

You will generally have to carry around a lot of stuff when you have children and you will need to pack a lot for short trips. Strollers that have some storage space for shopping baskets or additional compartments can be of good help.

Ability to add extra seats

If you are buying your first stroller and you have a plan to have more children in the near future, it can be a good idea to add some extra seats added into the current one later on. There are a number of options that can provide the option and can help in reducing the costs in the long term as well as can help save space required to store the stroller as well.

Travel system

If you are looking for something that can help you travel in a car with your baby and transfer them from the car to the stroller with ease, a travel system can be a great idea. What they do is basically provide you a stroller and a compatible infant car seat which can be clipped into the stroller and can help you get something all in one for easy travel plans. These are generally more cost effective than buying car seats and strollers separately.

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