Best Baby Stroller Reviews

When do you need a Stroller?

A new mother needs to go out for her outdoor activities as life comes back with all its needs after pregnancy but can she always leave her baby behind at home? No, it is not always possible to leave a baby behind at home, especially when there is nobody to take care of the baby.

Moreover, the baby too after a few initial months needs some fresh light and air and wants to go out of the house. A visit to the grocery or mall or an afternoon walk sounds perfect with your little one.

Carrying your baby in your arms can be comforting but not while you are outdoors. It is really tiresome to walk, climb up stairs or go through a bumpy road with a baby clinging on to your body.

It is difficult to maintain balance, take up phone calls and yet be comfortable. A baby stroller comes handy in such cases. It makes your life much easier than before. You can carry on with a great deal of outdoor activities like shopping, walking, etc. without feeling bogged down by the weight of your baby in your arms.

This way, both you and your baby can spend a great time together. You can purchase different types of strollers for your baby at different stages or go for a multi-featured stroller that can be adjusted according to your baby’s age and needs.

  • New born babies do not have the ability to sit upright. For them, you will need a stroller where your baby can lie down flat while you are going out. At this stage, buy strollers with fully reclined seats.
  • Soon at the age of 6 months or so, your baby is able to sit upright independently. They would not want to recline anymore and would instead want to sit up and look around while you are at your work. They enjoy the sights and sounds that are around them. At this age they need a stroller with a semi-reclined seat that allows them to sit and enjoy the sights while they are taken on a ride.
  • There are strollers for toddlers too so that you can make your baby sit while you are out for long walk or to the shopping mall, without making them walk such distances or dragging them along. Some of them even have storage spaces in the bottom to store your shopped items while coming back.

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