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What should you look for while buying a baby swing

Top 5 things to look for while buying a baby swing

Soothing –

The primary focus for a swing is the ability to soothe the baby. Since all swings are unique, they can offer customizations to help modify the directional movement, the sound and volume, speed and the level of recline that can work the best for your baby.

Swings are generally designed with different types of techniques for soothing the baby with different features. Look for swings that offer customization for swing mechanism and speed. A traditional swing with a rocking motion based on centrifugal force, either side-to side or back-to-back motions is good enough and is the most effective at soothing the baby.

Types of Swings

There are generally a few types of swings available on the market.

  • Rockers and bouncers – These are more compact though they aren’t as soothing as swings. They have simple, reclining seats with 3-point harnesses and bounce, rock or both. Some have battery options and have vibration modes. They are handy, portable and lightweight, though they lack speed, a recline seat, sounds and mobiles.
  • Swings – Swings can be of two types:
    • Traditional – These are larger in size and occupy a lot of space. They are designed for single floored and indoor usage. While they often have gaudy mobiles and offensive patterns, they can be way more comfortable for children.
    • Modern – These are more catered to fit design and style requirements; however, they often have lackluster performance and can be less comfortable for the baby.
  • Electric – Electric swings are mechanical and have a motor. They are pretty comfortable and easy to use and can help you get some time to yourself.
  • Manual – These work mechanically but can be pretty frustrating to continue in the same motion for long periods of time.

Safety –

Some of the things you need to keep in mind while using a swing for your baby include:

  • Don’t leave a child unattended inside the baby swing.
  • Use the swing in the highest recline setting till they are 4 months old or can hold their heads up unassisted.
  • Use the swing till the baby can sit up without assistance.
  • Ensure the harness is attached as per instructions.
  • Installing the base of the swing should be done carefully.
  • Don’t use swings for overnight sleep or extended naps.
  • Ensure you follow the instruction to the T and test out the settings with weights to simulate the weight of the baby to ensure it is stable and the base is in contact with the floor at all times.
  • Deeper seats can help provide a nice cradling and enable the hip to be flexible and be more soothing.
  • Ensure that the baby is positioned properly and harnessed.
  • Quality
  • Look for swings with machine wash fabrics of good quality. Ensure that the padding isn’t too much which can be hard to re-shape after washing.

Ease of Use –

Ensure that the swings offer the following features that determine the ease of use for the swing:

  • Placing Baby – Look for swings with harnesses that are easy to use and are easy to place the baby in.
  • Controls – Ensure that the controls are easy to use. Having lit-up controls can help if you are doing something in a dark room.
  • Portability – Swings can be a hassle to carry around. Finding a swing that is soothing, lightweight and easy to fold is like hitting the jackpot. If you find something that can cover most bases, it can be a great choice.
  • Extra Features – Additional features do mark up the price but can make a big difference. Adding some mobiles with movement can help entertain the baby. Sound options can help keep them engaged and toys can help keep them calm and happy.


This is definitely something you need to keep in mind while looking at swings. Look for something with a good build quality and that has some weight on the base to keep it stable even at higher speeds.

Additionally, look for something that does not contain PVC which can contain phthalates that have effects on the development of babies. Also ensure that the fabric covering the swing is comfortable and natural to ensure that the baby does not come in contact with any chemicals when he invariably puts it in his mouth.

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