Best Baby Thermometer Reviews

Why do I need a Baby Thermometer?

Babies tend to fall sick during their first year and they have no way to tell their parents how they feel and that they are not well. All they can do is cry when they suffer from flu or other sickness. This might be heartbreaking as well as pretty dangerous.

The one and only best solution to this problem is buying a good, accurate baby thermometer. If you don’t have one yet, you should get one as a baby’s thermometer should be any parent’s arsenal.

But the problem is that you just cannot run out and buy any old thermometer. There are thermometers that are especially made for infants and provide accurate readings. Some of the infant’s thermometer is discussed below.

  • Temporal artery thermometers: These types of thermometers are new in the market. They are most expensive lot of thermometers. They fall under the forehead thermometer category. These thermometers make use of infrared technology to measure and scan the temperature of the temporal artery on the forehead. It is the safest kind of thermometer for your kid and is convenient to use. They give accurate readings are often used in many hospitals. It works accurately for children who are 3 months and older. For children under 3 months, you need to double-check the temperature with a rectal thermometer for better accuracy.
  • Rectal thermometer: They are considered to be one of the most accurate thermometers to check a baby’s temperature. The ones with a flexible tip and a wide base are comfortable and vital for checking temperature of infants. They are like the digital thermometers which comes with an on and off button feature, a digital screen and a probe. Using it to take an oral temperature on a baby is highly not recommended.
  • Ear canal thermometers: These types of thermometers are easy to use and are readily available in the market. It is best suited for children who areover 4 months old. You simply place it in the ear and get an accurate reading. It should be avoided for children who are younger than 4 months because their ear canals are too narrow. This would prevent from getting an accurate reading.
  • Oral thermometers: They are completely safe and easy to use and give accurate reading. You simply place the thermometer under the infant’s tongue for a few moments. This gives out the reading. It is recommended for children above 4 years.

There are certain things that you should consider before buying any baby thermometer. Some of them are discussed below:

  • Consistency: It is always recommended to choose a thermometer that is consistent because nobody wants the reading to be different if taken the same time over and over again.
  • Accuracy: This the major factor for any kind of thermometer you purchase for your baby. Whenever you detect a fever in your child, make sure that you have an accurate thermometer so that the temperature you’re getting is correct.
  • Complexity: This completely depends upon the thermometer. Some of them are operated by the touch of a single button whereas some of them come with additional buttons and features. These thermometers allow saving the readings and you also display the history details. It is not necessary to buy the complex ones. When it comes to babies, simple is the best.
  • Speed: Babies tend to have low patience level and start to wrangle whenever you start poking or prodding. Holding on the thermometer for too long can make your baby impatient and these results in getting an inaccurate reading. Thermometers which record the temperatures are recommended over the slow ones.
  • Sound and backlight display: There are some thermometers which make a noise once the reading cycle is complete. Whereas there are a few thermometers which come with a backlight display and make the temperature reading visible when during night. This prevents you from switching on the light and disrupting babies sleep.

How to choose the right baby thermometer for your baby?

Choosing the right baby thermometer for the baby can be a daunting task when you are not completely informed. Fretting while cradling a baby having fever is an experience every mother shall have. And thus, there needs to be complete insight on what works best for your child. Here are some of the ways to choose the right baby thermometer for your baby!


Accuracy of detecting the right temperature is the prime need of a good thermometer. The baby thermometer should be able to tell you the exact temperature without mistake and thus you should go for the ones which are trusted by experts for its accuracy. Look for the accuracy ratings, expert reviews and recommendations to pick the one that is best suited.

Consistent and supportive

It can be worrying to find that the thermometer works fine once and the second time it shows something really scary. Sometimes the thermometer doesn’t even last more than 2-3 uses. It is important to find the baby thermometer which is consistent with its right readings and supports for long time. You don’t want to run for a new thermometer in the middle of the night.

Thermometers by age

There are thermometers which are designed as per age. Therefore, selecting the ones which suit your baby age the most is preferred. The thermometers come in age brackets like 3 months and below, 3 months to 1 year, 1 year to 5 years, 5 years and above. Check the right box and pick the one which works for your baby!

Unit of Measurement

The scales or the digital screen of the thermometers show display of temperature in either Celsius of Fahrenheit. Very few thermometers support both the formats of reading and therefore it is recommended to check on the unit of measurement preferred by you. This is important to avoid confusion and will save you from going into the calculations when you have a sick baby in your lap. There are also some light flashing thermometers available which don’t require you to read the markings but beep or show colors according to the temperature. Red for high fever orange for less – they can be of help too!

Speed of thermometers

Babies of all age deter the use of machines on them and might get scared too. You shall need some speed thermometers which makes use of the baby patience and detects the temperature in a jiffy. This works especially when you are dealing with babies of 1 years and above. They tend to run away or not sit in peace for you to detect their temperature. Therefore, having a speedy thermometer handy shall be quite a help!


Thermometers today come in all forms of technology aided benefits. It is upon you to filter the choices and pick the one you want. You might need a lot of assistance like sync with mobile apps, infrared technology, no touch reading and more or just a simple rectal thermometer would do the job just fine. Note that the technology shall make the process complex and time consuming. Choose the thermometer accordingly!


There are thermometers that facilitate readings with a beep. When the time to analyze is done it beeps helping you check the readings on time. However, some parents complain of the sound as it wakes the baby or scares them. While the beep definitely facilitates in knowing if it is the current reading, improves accuracy and saves on time – the choice is on you!

Display screens

Rather from picking the ones which have a scale and do not provide for a night reading, put hands on the ones which have a LED display with dark read support. When the baby is sick at night you don’t want to switch on the light for reading the temperature. The display screen glows in the dark to help you get the reading when the baby is sound asleep.


Thermometers are made of different materials today – from glasses, plastics, fibers and even silicon’s. You don’t want to put a plastic thermometer on your baby’s mouth. Choose from the one you would like to invest in and is hygienic to use too.

Choose the best thermometer for your baby that eases you to check on them! Go for more trusted reviews, expert recommendations and trusted brands!

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