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The harmful side of baby walkers

While babies feel happy to move around in a baby walker, parents are happy because the child is kept engaged. However, it is a fact which parents should be aware of is that baby walkers are actually dangerous for your kid in the long run and should be avoided.

Delay in motor development

Baby walker delays the motor development of a child. Learning how to walk is a natural, step-by-step procedure learnt by all children. At first, they have an urge to crawl all over the floor. Then they try to roll, stretch themselves and move around the room to reach farther objects. The next step is to walk and reach their destination without support.

This entire process of natural development is hindered when you make your child adapt to the baby walker. It handicaps his or her physical as well as motor growth. The toes are trapped in an unnatural position in the baby walker which makes them glide over the floor, before the right time.

This step-by-step process is disrupted and the natural learning of the child is not complete.
Babies who have been put into walkers learn to crawl and walk much later than they would normally have done.

Their motor development after they learn to walk is delayed by a few months. In fact, researchers say that a baby walker just gives the child an artificial feeling of moving around, thus eliminating the natural urge to learn how to walk.

Physical deformities

A baby walker can also lead to other deformities in later years like complications in spinal developments. The spine may develop asymmetrically or the muscles may not have proper balance.

This can lead to complications like formation of a flat lower back called kyphosis. Low back kyphosis in children is a serious problem because it puts imbalanced pressure on the spinal discs and can lead to vertebral misalignments.

The spine may tilt to one side or the other creating a situation called scoliosis. If these complications are not corrected before puberty, the child adapts to these deformities later in life and has spinal problems.

As parents, it is your duty to not adopt the shortcut method or the easy way out as that would hamper your child’s normal all-round growth in the future. Instead of seeing the superficial advantages of a device, it is necessary to be aware about the future consequences of it.

What are the safety concerns in using baby walkers?

Lots of parents buy baby walkers to help their little ones in learning to walk easily. However, still, there’re few safety concerns, related to these baby walkers.

Without the right precautions, your babies may face the risks in different situations-

  • Rolling down all the stairs in the absence of parent- While you are not in the room, your baby may try to do it. It can result in injuries to head or cause the bones to get broken. For this reason, some kids get wounded while using walkers.
  • Drowning- Your infants may reach the pool with the walker, and they can get drowned.
  • Take poisonous or hot objects- As the walkers help the baby to move, he or she can grab any poisonous object. Your baby may also try to touch the hot tea cup on the table.

However, the injuries may happen, although the caregivers or parents are present in the room. The adults may not be able to respond instantly. Within a second, the baby may move over three feet away from you. Thus, stay close to your baby all the time.

To keep away from these safety issues, many moms like to buy stationary baby walkers that are also activity centers. Those systems include seats, which can rotate or bounce.

Parents usually invest on walkers to assist their infants in learning the technique of walking within a short time. However, the researchers have found that everyday use of walkers may delay the learning process.

For the overall development, the babies have to learn the way of sitting, crawling and rolling on a floor surface. The walkers do not encourage all these activities.

The manufacturers are trying to add safety features to keep the babies away from getting injured. The modern walkers have brakes, which can stop the movement of the device at the right time. Still, you have to stay with your babies, while they are using walkers.

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