A Comprehensive Guide to Purchase the Best Toddler Beds

Things to consider while looking for a toddler bed

  • Size – The first thing that needs to be taken into consideration while looking for a toddler bed is the size of the bed. You will need something small enough to fit into the luggage if you are flying and something that is portable. Inflatable beds are generally a good choice as they are pretty compact. Folding ones can be large to carry around, however they are not an issue if you are planning a road trip as they can easily fit into the trunk of your car. You will also need to make a note of the size of the child. Not only will they need enough room to be comfortable, they also need something that can serve them for longer and that they don’t grow out of in a month.
  • Age range – The age of the child is also very important while choosing a travel bed for toddlers. Most of the options available on the market are targeted to wider age range from 2-6 years generally. It is not really advisable to get a bed for a child under 2 years as they can easily roll off and it is a better idea to get travel cribs for their use.
  • Ease of use – It is also important to consider the ease of use for the product you are looking at and it can be a waste of money to go for something with bells and whistles that you can’t easily inflate or assemble. While most inflatable mattresses are easy to put together, they need to be inflated and deflated while travelling. Also consider an air mattress that has sides to prevent the toddler from falling over. Fold out beds are also pretty easy to use and it can be a good option requiring minimal effort if you test it out first so as to not get frustrated everytime.
  • Comfort – Inflatable beds can be very comfortable but they don’t really offer a lot of support for toddlers while sleeping. Folding beds can give a lot of support and are quite comfortable overall. Looking for a bed with sides can also help toddlers stay in the bed for the entire night and not roll off onto the floor.
  • Safety – It is also important to ensure that the bed meets the existing safety standards for your country. Some beds however can be safer than others. If you are picking an air bed, ensure that they inflate easily and can be secured. Folding beds need to be safe to unfold and should not have any possibility of “snapping” back to close up. For a younger child, consider a bed that has sides and offers more support. Also ensure there are no gaps where they can get stuck. For an older, less active child, an inflatable, mattress style bed can be good and can fit the child for longer.

Types of travel beds for toddlers

There are generally two different types of beds on the market for toddlers, the inflatable and the folding kinds. Here are the pros and cons for both:

  • Inflatable toddler beds – Inflatable beds need to be inflated and deflated whenever used which can be a bit of a hassle, however they are super compact and easy to transport. They can be uber comfortable or unsupportive for some children. For smaller children it is advisable to look for options with sides. Self-inflatable mattresses are incredibly compact, lack side wing, are pretty thin and don’t need to be inflated, however they don’t really offer any support or comfort for the children and they can easily roll off.
  • Folding toddler beds – Folding travel beds are way more comfortable and support the child’s backs while they are sleeping. They come in two variants, ones that are very easy to use and just fold up and don’t need to be inflated. Others may need some assembly. However, the ones that fold out are way bigger and are not really ideal for flying.

Should you choose a toddler travel bed?

Choosing a toddler bed comes with a list of pros and cons that should be weighed out before making any purchases. The pros of having a travel bed in many cases outweigh the cons and thus, it can be a good idea to invest in one. Here are some of the key things to keep in mind if you are considering a travel bed.


  • The baby gets to sleep in a bed that is safe and age appropriate for them to use.
  • It doesn’t limit couples to booking rooms for the entire family when they travel as these can be more expensive.
  • Children are able to relax in a sleeping environment that they experience at home, which can help them sleep better.
  • Toddler inflatable beds or foldable camping beds can take up little space and can be quite useful for more active families who like to go camping or take off-road trips.
  • Buying something that fits the size that is needed for a toddler or a baby can help in saving space while packing as these tend to be more compact in nature than something meant for adults or older kids and can actually help parents travel lighter.


  • It does take up some space and is another item that you have to carry around.
  • Toddlers are likely to grow out of the beds pretty soon.

How to choose a travel toddler bed for your child?

When you are trying to find a travel bed for your toddler, the first thing you need to take into consideration is their reactions to sleeping in an environment like that.

If your child is active or if they need to be contained in more sturdy settings like cribs or if they can sleep on beds that don’t really have any containment; whether they are prone to moving around in their sleep or whether they stay pretty much still are some of the things to keep in mind when you are making a choice to buy a travel bed for your toddler.

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