Best Toddler Pillow Reviews

When is the right time to get my baby a toddler pillow?

More than often shops sell cribs that come with bedding and a set of pillows. This is something that doctors don’t recommend. Children below the age of two years are not recommended to use pillows.

This is because they can suffocate on a pillow, very easily. Pillows are given to children because parents often think it provides comfort and support to a child but it is not so. Children can sleep perfectly well without it too.

The best time to give a child a pillow is, when he or she is shifted to a room from the crib. If parents still feel it is important for their babies to have pillows while they sleep then a pillow that is firm and small should be given.

Feather pillows aren’t suitable for kids. They can cause allergies and even suffocate a child. Because, feather pillows are too soft a child might end up sinking in it. This will cause suffocation and smothering.

Types of Toddler Pillows

Toddler pillows available in the market are of various types-


It is one of the common pillow types, used for toddlers. To give the best backup to your toddler’s neck, you can choose this pillow. The cushioned part gives utmost comfort to your child’s head.

Due to the hypo-allergenic feature of this pillow, most of the parents prefer it. The researchers have proved that the kids, having hay fever and asthma, will get the highest value from this pillow.

Down and feather pillows-

The down covers the major part of these pillows. Most of these pillows are bigger in size and are much softer. For those who look for long lasting pillows, these are the best products. However, there are also pillows, filled with feathers. They are slightly tougher, and can get flattened within a short time.

Pillowed filled with fibers-

Polyester or other artificial fibers are applied to design these pillows. However, many manufacturers also use natural fibers for them. Wool is the most preferable fabric for its high level of softness. You have to check out whether the pillows are filled with high-quality fiber.

Foam and memory foam-

The foam-made toddler pillows are available as both high and low quality products. While you have invested in the best ones, you can find that the pillow shape remains intact for several years.

The low standard foams are not able to do it. To give the optimum comfort to your toddler, you have to look for the higher-quality branded products.

Memory foam is another material with weight and heat sensitive features. It is polyurethane foam, which can get adjusted to the shape of your toddler’s body. These toddler pillows won’t give much stress on all the sensitive parts, like ear and jaw.

However, one of the demerits is that they may cause restriction to movement. Thus, your toddler may feel stiff at the time of sleeping.


It is the last type of pillows, intended for toddlers. While you see that your baby is sleeping on his back, you can buy this pillow. The side sleepers may have issues in using it.

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