Toddler Pillow

When is the right time to get my baby a toddler pillow?

More than often shops sell cribs that come with bedding and a set of pillows. This is something that doctors don’t recommend. Children below the age of two years are not recommended to use pillows.

This is because they can suffocate on a pillow, very easily. Pillows are given to children because parents often think it provides comfort and support to a child but it is not so. Children can sleep perfectly well without it too.

The best time to give a child a pillow is, when he or she is shifted to a room from the crib. If parents still feel it is important for their babies to have pillows while they sleep then a pillow that is firm and small should be given.

Feather pillows aren’t suitable for kids. They can cause allergies and even suffocate a child. Because, feather pillows are too soft a child might end up sinking in it. This will cause suffocation and smothering.

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